Board of Trustees

Hello and welcome to Rakaia School!

The ability of a public school to remain child-centred and well-resourced relies partly on its governance. I am proud to be associated with the success of the school alongside the 6 other board members who bring diversity and strength.

I have a broad training, operational and management background across a couple of different sectors and have a specific interest in team dynamics. All my roles have been hands-on and Rakaia School has been no different. If we know our people, then the board can provide for them.

The students at Rakaia School are known as polite, adventurous and ambitious. This is why we have a flame in our logo, we have a responsibility to ignite the desire to become lifelong learners in partnership with their caregivers.

The Board at Rakaia School has a working partnership with the teaching staff which may sound normal, but many schools struggle with this relationship. This means issues are sorted quickly and support for teaching practices and equipment is easily available. 

I welcome you to take some time to come and have a look around the school with Mark. You’ll feel at home.

Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

“With my food basket and your food basket, the people will prosper”

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Presiding Member
Grant Lorimer

Al Drye

Parent Representative
Adam Hardie

Parent Representative
Zara Cootes

Parent Representative
Renee Joblin

Staff Representative
Mandy Beevor

Mark Ellis